There have been many books about Antarctica in the past, but this is the first to capture the whole story. Gabrielle made five trips to Antarctica between 1998 and 2008, and has used her experiences to produce a book unlike any that has been written about the continent. Antarctica weaves an intricate tapestry made up of science, natural history, stories of exploration, and personal experience: what it feels like to be there and why it draws so many different kinds of people back there again and again. Antarctica is the most alien place on Earth, the only part of our planet where humans could never survive unaided. And yet, in its silence, its agelessness and its mysteries lie the secrets of our past, and of our future.


  • “Brimful of science, heroism, tragedy and laugh-out-loud humour, Antarctica is an exciting and informative read”

    BBC Focus
  • “This is a fascinating insight into one of the most inhospitable places on Earth and its implications for the world's future ... The informative and touching account of the expanse's beauty leaves the reader desperate to visit the area, but also desperately sad for its future”

    Irish Examiner
  • “I’m picking Gabrielle Walker’s Antarctica ... about frozen things ... With surprisingly warm cores. Walker’s approach is to tug at your heart and conscience; she points out that the Antarctic is warming three times faster than anywhere else on Earth, yet finding herself in a white-out she speaks of being cradled by the intimacy of the continent”

    Debi Gliori, Scotsman Books of the Year
  • “Gabrielle Walker's book comprehensively brings us up to date on the continent that is so much more than ice and seasonal penguins ... Many people will approach this book with images from David Attenborough's Frozen Planet stamped on their minds. Can it add to the live footage we've seen? Emphatically yes”

  • “This is not just a highly accessible ency­clopedia of Antarctic science. It interlaces researchers' stories with natural history, tales of the 'heroic age' of exploration and pas­sages that viscerally describe the cold, isolation and beauty of the environment”

  • “Scientist Walker pens a riveting “natural history of the only continent on Earth that has virtually no human history.” The author adeptly clarifies the technical aspects of the science, decodes the intimate stories of reticent interviewees and weaves in the astounding and heartbreaking stories of the great explorers Amundsen, Scott and Shackleton. A rollicking good read for science buffs, armchair adventurers and readers curious about the natural world at its most extreme.”

    Kirkus Reviews
  • “The early Antarctic expeditions are thoroughly covered in this enthralling book. But, then again, so is every other aspect of a place that continues to haunt the human imagination ... Perhaps best of all, Walker gives us a fantastically vivid sense of what it's like to be in Antarctica”

    Reader's Digest
  • “By forcing Antarctica to reveal her hidden secrets, we will, Walker asserts, discover the history of the planet ... Walker wears her PhD lightly, appealing to the Frozen Planet devotees who have bought the BBC box set and are hungry for more”

    The Literary Review