Gabrielle has presented many programmes and series for BBC radio and television, including “The Secret Life of Ice” and "Every Breath We Take” for BBC 4, and has appeared on a host of flagship news and current affairs programmes.

Walker is a hugely engaging presenter with a voice as soothing as gentle waves lapping a sun-kissed shore

Elisabeth Mahoney, The Guardian

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    Gabrielle has made many television appearances for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky/BSB. A frequent contributing expert on programmes related to weather and climate and on news stories related to science and the environment she has also presented “The Secret Life of Ice” and the “Every Breath We Take” for BBC4.

  • Secret Life Of Ice

    Secret Life Of Ice

    Self-confessed ice addict Gabrielle Walker explores how something as ephemeral as ice has the power to sculpt landscapes, to preserve our past and inform our future.

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  • Every Breath We Take

    Every Breath We Take

    Gabrielle Walker tells the remarkable story of the quest to understand the air, which ended up uncovering raw materials that have shaped our modern world, and revealing why we are here at all.

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    In addition to presenting the below radio series for the BBC, Gabrielle has also frequently contributed to flagship BBC radio programmes including Any Questions,Night Waves, Start the Week, Today, Leading Edge, Woman’s Hour, Science in Action, Discovery and Drivetime. She has also contributed to National Public Radio in the USA, France Inter, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Australian Broadcasting Corporation and to many independent radio channels around the world