Gabrielle has given many keynote addresses to corporate audiences around the world and also chairs and facilitates workshops and conferences in the public and private sectors. She covers most aspects of energy, water, climate change and the collaboration imperative including:

climate science – a primer for business leaders
adaptation – the new risk reality
cutting-edge global policy-making in food, water and energy
handling the global resource crisis
the collaborative leader’s toolbox
sustainable consumption and the circular economy
21st century leadership: rebuilding trust and re-engaging talent.

I have seldom experienced a moderator who possesses such great skills in bridging different panel participants perspectives, synthesizing their views and outlining potential leanings – without occupying any unnecessary space herself. Gabrielle demonstrates great passion and confidence with the subject matter while treating every panel participant with the greatest respect.

Per Heggenes, CEO Ikea Foundation

Gabrielle Walker is a lively and charming speaker, with passionate views and a stack of evidence. She brings data alive and engages her audience with her extraordinary vitality 

The Rt Hon Michael Portillo, former UK Cabinet Minister

It is rare indeed to find a facilitator who has such a grasp of the subject that she instinctively knows which points to pursue and which to drop and does so with such an effective combination of charm, persistence and firmness

Lord Oxburgh, former chairman, Royal Dutch Shell

I had heard many of the global warming points before, but I’d never heard them combined so well across a range of inter-related subjects: i.e. corporate social responsibility, likely future consumer behaviours, and capital structures. The combination made quite an impact.

Marc Vlessing, CEO Pocket

Thank you hugely for your thought provoking but entertaining presentation at our client seminar. The comments have been extremely positive, both about what you said and how you presented. I have been particularly impressed by the fact that … clients, from whom we have seen little interest so far in such matters, were interested, engaged and appreciative.


Louisa Vincent, Managing Director, Head of Institutions at Lazard Asset Management