Climate Science For Business

Gabrielle Walker

Following the publication of Gabrielle’s book The Hot Topic, co-authored with Sir David King, she is frequently invited to lend her climate science expertise to public and private projects. She led Xynteo's work with Christian Rynning-Tonnessen, President and CEO of Statkraft, to produce a report that disseminates the latest climate science into a clear and digestible read for business leaders. The report cuts through the jargon, politics and volume of climate science reportage to give business leaders a concise, straightforward overview of the latest findings. This includes the most recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), as well as other leading sources. The report also examines conflicting findings and highlights gaps in current knowledge to provide an honest and objective viewpoint tailored to business.

Gabrielle has also advised the Science Museum on the content of its climate science “Atmosphere” Gallery and served as expert reviewer of the Royal Society/National Academy of Sciences public report on climate change.