Gabrielle Walker

Gabrielle led Xyntéo’s work with partners Royal Dutch Shell and Unilever to identify innovative policy models from around the world that can help address the food-water-energy-climate “stress nexus". The team spoke to more than 120 policy makers and their influencers among academics, think tanks and NGOs in 15 territories around the world, seeking out strong policies that are replicable and scalable, and investigating the role business can play in helping develop and spread them.

Ultimately the goal of the project was to help revitalise the relationship between business, government and civil society by creating a community that is committed to developing, piloting and scaling transformative policy ideas to foster low-carbon, resource-efficient growth. To this end Gabrielle arranged and moderated a series of roundtables bringing policy makers together with business leaders and NGOs, and produced a report: Dispatches from the policy frontline. A key finding of the work is that often the best policy takes place in cities, states and regions rather than national governments, where -- outside the white heat of national politics -- policy makers can have genuine dialogues with stakeholders from the beginning and ensure that the policies are both carefully thought through and likely to be implemented.